5 things about UFC Fighter Felice Herrig

We will be talking about a few things about Felice Herrig, who is notable for her wins among UFC female fighters and who is interested in martial arts in her career.

Felice Nicole Herrig is a retired American kickboxer, Muay Thai fighter and mixed martial artist who competed in the Ultimate Fighting Championship in the strawweight division.

Felice Herrig A mighty figure

UFC Fighter Felice Herrig says that despite being 37 years old, she wants to continue her career for many more years.

After ending her successful career, raising young girls who are also interested in martial arts and passing on their experiences to them are among her biggest goals in the coming years.

Fans also love his in-ring vicious shouts and technical fighting style. She comes across as someone who has managed to take herself to very advanced levels in combat.

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She always likes to attract attention with her different style while waiting for her turn to fight. She creates her own style in the UFC World with different hairstyles. Her fans love her style and compliment her hair in different styles.

Is Her Sexed-Up Image Good or Bad for Women’s MMA?

The Ultimate Fighter 20 is presently entering its third week and has all the earmarks of being getting some force in the appraisals. One of the additional polarizing figures in the TUF house is Felice Herrig. Herrig has become famous by assembling a to some degree fruitful MMA profession (9-5), yet significantly more so by making a picture of herself similar to the “provocative one.”

Herrig isn’t the most intriguing contender you’ll see and would be most popular for her weigh-ins like this one and this one (NSFW). She’s situated herself as a contender, yet as a sex image and she doesn’t care about it the slightest bit.

I play up the sexy side, but I’m not playing. I’m being me. I’m not doing anything I’m uncomfortable with. A lot of people think that’s what I’m all about and that I don’t care about my fighting, that I spend more time promoting myself than training. There’s only so much time in the day. I’m more dedicated than any other woman I’ve met and most of the guys. At the same time, fighting is a business. I’m promoting my brand. With women athletes, you get a lot more opportunities. It’s more intriguing to the general public if the see a woman that wouldn’t strike you as a fighter.

Ex-UFC star Felice Herrig trading out with feet photographs on OnlyFans

The “Lil Bulldog” got imaginative with her funds when she resigned from MMA in June.

Felice Herrig, presently of the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship, joined OnlyFans, where she is selling photographs of her feet on the selective substance site. The pay she rounds up from OnlyFans has permitted her to have a more adaptable battle plan.

“It’s had an enormous effect, particularly on the grounds that, after my most memorable knee medical procedure, I wouldn’t agree that I was destitute however I had no cash coming in,” the 37-year-old as of late told TMZ. “Individuals don’t understand, you’re kept into this agreement that you can’t escape, however you’re not getting compensated to be in it.

“I’ve generally had individuals who are fixated on my feet… I had purchased a house just before the knee medical procedure and afterward recently continued to dunk into my cash and I’m like, I surmise individuals truly love my feet, perhaps I’ll begin an OnlyFans.”

Herrig, who likewise sells her pre-owned socks for $150, is betting everything on the business, as her OnlyFans profile as of now states, “In the event that you’re a sucker for pretty feet 🦶 you’ve come to the perfect locations.”

Somewhere else in the meeting, Herrig expounded on her choice to sign with BKFC subsequent to resigning from MMA in June.

“Presently, it’s completing the cycle,” the Buffalo local said. “I get to return to making every moment count. What’s more, really, boxing has forever been my main.”

Herrig (14-10 MMA, 5-5 UFC) declared her MMA retirement last month in the wake of losing to Karolina Kowalkiewicz in UFC Vegas 56. Herrig had gotten back to the octagon at the time following an almost two-year nonappearance because of injury.

Intimate chat with Tomi Lahren

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Two or three weeks prior Herrig stood out as truly newsworthy for making a lot of cash selling her feet pics and filthy socks on OnlyFans. She didn’t put a dollar sum on it then, yet she is currently.

During a one-on-one meeting with Tomi Lahren, Herrig uncovered exactly the amount she’s made somewhat recently from her feet — it’s a crazy measure of cash.

The previous UFC contender made sense of how she was attempting to sort out some way to pay for a recently bought home after she needed to have knee medical procedure. In contrast to different callings, in the event that you don’t battle you don’t get compensated.

Her knee medical procedure and the planning of the pandemic drove the 37-year-old to OnlyFans. “I’m like, how am I going to help cash?”

“I’m like, gracious, is it strange on the off chance that I start an OnlyFans foot page since there is by all accounts the market there,” Herrig said. “Furthermore, I didn’t know anything about OnlyFans you don’t actually be aware until you’re on there and you advance as you go. And afterward I understood individuals just… the cash was very much like crazy. I’ve gotten more cash-flow in the previous year on OnlyFans than I’ve made my whole battle profession.”

Herrig said she’s pocketed half a million dollars just in the last year, and she’s done so without sending any explicit pictures. A point a fascinated Tomi made sure to clarify.

“I mean, I, I rake in some pretty good money on Cameo, but not like that kind of money,” Tomi said. “And the pictures that you’re sending, they’re not explicit pictures. They are literally your feet.”

Herrig confirmed that she doesn’t sell any explicit pics.

“My feet. I mean, I’ll be sexy in them, you know, like nude implied, but like nothing,” she said. “Like you don’t see my little hoo ha, you don’t see my ta-ta’s. You don’t see any of that. It’s just like. My feet. Like, just they love it.”

There’s a stigma associated with being on OnlyFans. One that isn’t entirely fair and the two explore before making the point that OnlyFans might just be the last free speech platform. (outkick)

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