5 things about Tiktok Star Brooke Monk

Tiktok star Brooke Monk became famous for her short videos. She has gained a huge fan base and is now trying to make better quality content for his millions of fans. Of course, her net worth peaked after she became famous.

1) have a great reputation

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Brooke Monk is cited as one of the most impressive girls on tiktok. She shot videos on many trending topics and soon had millions of views. Some of the videos they shot with their boyfriend on Tiktok reached as high as 10 million views.

Lip sync and move content maker known for posting brief recordings on her brookemonk_ TikTok account. A large portion of her recordings include interesting substance for the typical secondary school understudy. She has more than 23 million fans on the stage.

2) agreement with WME

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The Tiktok star is raising her net worth to the top with her deal with WME.

Worldwide association established by ladies for ladies, conveyed in excess of 190 nations and seen by a half billion individuals yearly. Investigate. Keeper of premium live encounters, giving unrivaled admittance to the best and greatest occasions in sports, music and way of life.

She facilitated a fan Q&A on her self-named YouTube direct in November 2019. She procured north of 4 million perspectives for an April 2020 TikTok video where she imitated her folks attempting to decipher an image. She endorsed with ability organization WME in March of 2022.

3) Sam Dezz and Brooke Monk


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Sam Dezz and Brooke Monk have managed to advance their relationship. Sam is famous like his girlfriend and has millions of fans. Brooke states that she and her boyfriend Sam are on good terms and are best friends with each other.

She has four sisters and she’s the center kid. She began dating individual online entertainment star Sam Dezz in October 2020.

He has a sister named Hannah and a sibling named Joe. In October 2020, he and Brooke Monk started dating.

4) She has millions of fans on Instagram

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Brooke Monk has millions of fans on Instagram as well as Tiktok. She has an active profile on Instagram and often enjoys posting “Selfie” style photos.

She uses the username @brookemonk on Instagram and has close to 3 million followers.

She also signs advertising deals on Instagram. Many important advertising companies reach her via e-mail address and Instagram.

5) Brooke Monk gains record followers

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In just shy of two years, Brooke Monk has amassed more than 23 million devotees on the virtual entertainment stage TikTok. Yet, addressing CNBC, she said that it was never her aim to reach powerhouse status.

Priest set up her most memorable TikTok post in September 2019 and from that point forward she’s acquired 16.1 million supporters and 1.2 billion preferences on her recordings.

The 19-year-old U.S. powerhouse told CNBC on the most recent episode of “Showcasing Media Money” that it was never her plan to draw in a ton of supporters or become well known, yet more about the way that she truly delighted in making content for virtual entertainment.

“I love having an audience, I love reading people’s comments, I love interacting with people,” Monk said, explaining that the aspect of not knowing everyone online almost motivated her to post more because she loved seeing the feedback.

She also said that it’s important for influencers to listen to feedback from their audience in addition to being positive and uplifting on social media.

“The majority of viewers start to feel disconnected from their influencers when they get too big and then I feel like they don’t really care about their audience anymore,” Monk said.

BONUS: She has active posts on youtube

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Brooke Monk is a content creator for many social media platforms. She has reached millions of subscribers on Youtube and continues to produce weekly content for her fans. She makes a significant contribution to her net worth through her YouTube fees and likes to share her happiness when people praise her.

In addition, Youtube also makes short short video shares outside of long videos.

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