5 facts you need to know about model Meru Nukumi

One of Japan’s youngest female models, Meru Nukumi’s fame has skyrocketed in the past few years.

Her affectionate facial expression and collaboration with many major brands have turned her into a model with millions of fans.

Meru Nukumi (生見愛瑠) is one of the most popular Asian models of recent years.

Meruru has been working under a different stage name in the past, belonging to “Unknown Group” for a year

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Reunion model actress Meru Nukumi (20) appeared on Nippon Television’s “World Maru View! TV Special Investigation Department 2 Hours SP” (after 7:00 p.m.) on the 20th and was active as her stage name “Hanatsubaki” . I looked back at those days when I did.

and Tokyo Fujiyama was active in the Geisha music unit. She is said to be active under the stage name “Hanatsubaki”. “It’s a group that has been active for about a year, which I don’t understand,” said Meruru. For nearly a year, only one song was released at the event. The song is called “KIMURA SAN” and she announced that she has “released music for Kimura-san all over the country”.

“Meruru” Meru Nukumi, an elegant dress and a fan “like a princess”

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Model and talented Meru Nukumi updated her official Instagram on June 23.

In the photo, Mr. Ikumi is wearing a red sleeveless dress with a beautiful upper sleeve. The dress has lace design around the neck to create elegance.

Fans shared, “Like a princess!”, “I thought she was a doll”, “Graceful”, “She looks so red” and “Why is she so cute?” says.

“Meruru” Meru Nukumi, “Yukata” is so cute before summer

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Meruru posted two photos of her posing in a yukata in pale yellow and green with the wind chime pictogram. A refreshing photo where you can hear the sound of the wind chime. Fans immediately responded to this post with comments like “she’s so cute”, “she looks good!”, “Natsu Dane”, and “I want to go to the summer festival together”. In addition to being active on television, the movie Orange in My Boyfriend (starring Snowman Iwamoto Hikaru), who will be the first female hero in July, will be released and even the production of colored contacts will be a huge success. I was worried that I would have time to wear a yukata in my private life.

Popteen magazine model

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Meru Nukumi was one of the names who managed to become the previous cover girl of Popteen magazine.

Popteen is a monthly teen fashion magazine published in Japan by Kadokawa Haruki Corporation. The first issue was published on October 1, 1980 by Kadokawa Shoten.

Meru Nukumi is a Japanese model and tarento from Inazawa, Aichi Province. It is represented by talent agency Avex Management and is currently active in Tokyo. Nukumi was a former Popteen magazine model and is now a special model for the fashion magazine CanCam. Known as Meruru.

Is your real name Meru Nukumi?

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Nukumi-san’s name seems to be a stage name, “Airu” but she mentions her real name in magazines and variety shows. On the show, Nukumi revealed that her father’s hobbies are heavily related to her background named “Airu”.

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