5 Facts About Rapper Mark Lee

We have prepared 5 facts about NCT’s Mark Lee, a Watermelon Lover who is good at rap.

NCT’s Mark celebrates his 22nd birthday (international age). Since last night, many fans have removed the hashtag #OnYour23rdMark on their Twitter platform to celebrate the idol’s birthday.

Mark also created an Instagram story by singing a birthday song for himself via his personal Instagram account. To celebrate his birthday, here are a number of interesting facts about Mark Lee. Come on, see!

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Mark Lee, Korean known as Lee Minhyung or known as Mark, is a Canadian rapper. He is a member of South Korean boy group NCT and its sub-groups NCT 127, NCT Dream and NCT U. He was born in Toronto, but later moved with his family to Vancouver.

Having Canadian-Korean Blood

Mark himself is not originally from South Korea, you know. He was born to a South Korean mother and father who was born and raised in the United States.

He was born in Toronto, Ontario Canada and lived there until he was 7 years old. When he was 7-12 years old, Mark lived in New York and at the age of 12-15 he moved to Vancouver, Canada. He has an older brother and they both auditioned for SM Global, but only Mark passed.

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Born into a Musical Family

While Mark is known to be hardworking in his academic training, there’s no denying that the arts really do run in his blood. His father graduated from a music school in the vocal department, while his mother played the piano and was a jazz musician.

Therefore, it is not surprising that he has an extraordinary talent in the field of music. When he passed the SM Global audition, the man whose Korean name is Lee Min Hyung moved to Ginseng country at the age of 15 to become a trainee.

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Idols who debuted in 4 different subunits

It’s a fact everyone knows, but it’s still great to think about. Mark first debuted with NCT U in April 2016, re-debuted on NCT 127 three months later, and August debuted again with NCT Dream.

In October 2019, the man with the sign of Leo made his fourth debut with SuperM. Many fans are proud that Mark was able to debut with different concepts in different groups.

He Wasn’t Originally a Rapper

In fact, Mark joined SM Entertainment as a vocalist. However, he really wanted to be a rapper and worked hard to develop this talent.

He was the SME representative of a rap game show called High School Rapper on Mnet. Despite not winning, Mark’s performance received praise from rapper Tiger JK, who was the judge at the event.

He Really Loves Watermelon

Fans must know very well that Mark really loves the fruit that is synonymous with summer. In fact, during a live broadcast with NCT Dream, Mark revealed that he can eat watermelon with rice, kimchi, and ham.

Weekly Idol and Music Core always gift Mark a whole watermelon for their love of watermelon. This annoyance is made even clearer by Mark’s personal Instagram profile photo of two watermelons.

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