5 Facts About Pokimane

We have prepared some information about Pokimane, one of the most famous names on the internet and a twitch streamer with millions of fans.

Pokimane has managed to reach millions of fans, especially in a few years. She also managed to earn thousands of dollars in a short time with her quality broadcasts and entertaining game videos.

1.POKİMANE re-signs with Twitch

Pokimane has announced that it will stay with Twitch amid rumors that it will potentially sign with YouTube.

Rumors of Twitch streamer Imane “Pokimane” Anys potentially leaving the platform surfaced late last month. The 25-year-old player announced that she signed a contract with Twitch. It ended on January 31 and would have announced it on February 8. Fans and followers naturally wondered if she would join her friend and frequent collaborator. Rachell “Valkyrae” Hofstetter is on YouTube, where others like Jack “CouRageJD” Dunlop, Tim “timthetatman” Betar, Ludwig Ahgren and more have broken down.

Speculation ended today – Pokimane announced that it has signed a new deal to stay on Twitch. It’s unclear what offers, if any, from YouTube or Facebook Gaming are on the table. Pokimane plans to give one lucky winner a brand new Tesla to celebrate her decision.

2.POKİMANE Gifts Tesla

The announcement came via Twitter; Pokimane stated that it has chosen to re-sign with Twitch. She also unveiled the aforementioned Tesla giveaway – an obvious digression in YouTube’s recent signings, which includes red cars representing their website and purple cars for Twitch. Pokimane gave information about the decision she made in her live broadcast.

“There is no community quite like the Twitch community,” she said, adding that the later re-engagement with Twitch allowed her to stay relevant across all platforms, including YouTube, rather than having streaming and no presence on Twitch. Pokimane criticized YouTube’s lack of community and low-level chat functionality, noting that it hasn’t watched creators who have since moved from Twitch to YouTube, except for Valkyrae.

Pokimane referred to her tenure at Twitch since she started streaming at the age of 17. As a result, she felt it would be difficult to move away from Twitch because of her exposure and deals. The terms of Pokimane’s Twitch contract are unclear. She said on her stream that she would not reveal the length of her deal or any compensation for obvious reasons.

3.Where Is Pokimane Originally From?

Imane Anys, or Pokimane, is a Moroccan-Canadian Twitch streamer and YouTube celebrity. She is mostly known for her game live streams from Twitch.

4.Pokimane’s favorite games?

The most played games are League of Legends and Fortnite. Recently, he has been trying many different current games. She gained her own popularity with Fortnite.

5.Where does Pokimane live?

Location Los Angeles, CA USA

Pokimane started her publishing career as a League of Legends publisher. After realizing the opportunities offered by this platform, she changed her career path towards chemical engineering, dropped out of university and moved to Los Angeles to become a full-time publisher.

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