40-year-old model Tina Louise sets Instagram on fire

Tina Louise, one of the most popular fitness models on Instagram, has taken everyone by surprise with her age and physique.

We hear you say how famous a sexy tattooed woman can be, but “Tina Louise” is a model with more than 2.6 million Instagram followers.

40 year old model Tina Louise sets Instagram on fire 4 GMSPORS

With her blonde hair look and sexy physique, Tina Louise is a very popular name on Instagram. She gains more followers, especially with the videos he shares about fitness activities, and we can often see her in the Discover section.

Although Tina Louise is 40 years old, she manages to preserve her beauty with care. Her life philosophy is like working hard and being very sexy.

40 year old model Tina Louise sets Instagram on fire 3 GMSPORS

One of the most noticeable parts of Tina Louise on Instagram were her tattoos. Many followers say that the tattoos on Tina Louise’s body make her a sexier woman.

However, criticism of Tina Louise tattoos seems to be quite a lot. However, Tina Louise does not even respond to her followers who criticize her tattoos.

40 year old model Tina Louise sets Instagram on fire 2 GMSPORS

5 Things About Tina

1.Tina is Australian. She experienced childhood with a homestead in the modest community of Castlemaine, in Victoria, Australia.

2.Tina previously tasted distinction in the wake of winning the honor of Australia’s most smoking swimsuit model in 2007. Tina was first found by a photographic artist when she was 21-years of age. The photographs he took of her landed Tina on the front of Maxim Australia. From that point she brought home the Australia’s most sweltering two-piece model title, which prompted various bathing suit schedule appearances in Australia and all throughout the planet. Tina said in a 2015 Inked magazine profile that she ultimately turned into Australia’s most downloaded model.

3. Vigorously inked Tina got her first tattoo at age 18. She disclosed to Inked that when she authoritatively turned into a grown-up, she got a little butterfly tattoo “to address opportunity.” She put off getting any more body workmanship for nine additional years because of her displaying vocation, ultimately getting a cross at 27 years old. Tina says she didn’t begin completing her arm sleeves until she moved to Southern California. She told the mag that Kareem Masarani from Newport Tattoo has done practically every last bit of her arm craftsmanship and other broad inkings.

4.Tina was harassed for being “appalling” while at the same time growing up. Tina has a tattoo on her back that peruses: “Theres nothing in a butterfly that reveals to you it will be a butterfly,” which she told Inked “signifies don’t pass judgment flippantly. I was harassed in school for being what they called monstrous, I later became one of Australia’s top swimsuit models. So this statement I hold near my heart.”

5.Tina is a financial backer in the vegetarian taco café where she and Brian ate. Alongside previous Playboy Playmate Jayde Nicole and plant based formula planner Brittany Littleton, Tina is a financial backer in the all-female group behind Sugar Taco.

40 year old model Tina Louise sets Instagram on fire 1 GMSPORS