40 women detained in Montenegro this time

The women posing naked in the skyscraper appeared, this time in Montenegro! Again, the detained women carried the nudity show in Dubai to the Balkans this time.

The photo shoot of 40 women posing nude on the balcony of a skyscraper in Dubai stirred the country. It turned out that the women were working for a sexually explicit film company. Women who have not been on the agenda for a long time with the scandalous incident have now appeared in Montenegro. Frames of group members women soaking each other with a hose in the middle of the road quickly spread on social media.

40 women detained in Montenegro this time 2

A photo shoot for a sexually explicit film company in the famous Marina district of Dubai caused a stir. Images of about 40 models in the shootings on the balcony spread in a short time on social media. After the footage went viral, the police took action, and the crew and models were detained for a short time in prison on charges of violating public morals.

Ukrainian Butt Squad members, who have made a name for themselves with their actions in various countries and have been on the agenda before, appeared in Montenegro this time.

In Montenegro, three women who undressed on the main road and watered themselves with a hose spent the night in the police station for dressing inappropriately and were fined. On the other hand, the firefighters who supported this meaningless show of the scandalous trio could not escape punishment. Butt Squad members claimed to have leaked photos of firefighters impressed by their performance.

40 women detained in Montenegro this time 1