2021 Sports Illustrated First Trans Model Leyna Bloom

Leyna Bloom became the first transgender cover star for the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. 2021 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Leyna Bloom Attracted Attention With Trans Model Features on the Cover.

For the first time, a transgender model appeared on the cover of the swimsuit issue of the American sports magazine Sports Illustrated. Filipino Leyla Bloom also became the first black trans woman to appear in the magazine.

According to the news of The Guardian; “We deserve this moment. We’ve waited millions of years to emerge and be seen as survivors. Many women like us don’t have a chance to live out their dreams. I hope my cover makes those who struggle to be seen feel valued,” Bloom said on Instagram.

Mere Abrams, co-founder of underwear company Urbody, said she hopes for increased visibility for the trans community.

Stating that the cover is much more than just a visual statement, Abrams said, “I hope this event encourages other mainstream fashion brands to consider their responsibilities towards trans liberation and gender liberation.”

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Leyna Bloom Is One Of The Most Unusual Models

Model and entertainer Leyna Bloom will turn into the primary trans lady to make the front of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue when the 2021 issue, named “A Living Testament,” hits the stands on Thursday. In a meeting with People – The TV Show, Bloom said she felt “bliss on top of satisfaction on top of joy” about the issue.

Blossom initially shared a picture of her cover, shot by photographic artist Yu Tsai, with her 524,000 Instagram devotees recently. On the cover, she shows up in a white one-piece. Rapper Megan Thee Stallion and tumbler Naomi Osaka show up on elective forms of the cover.

Blossom addressed Pride Source’s Chris Azzopardi in May and uncovered around then her fervor and expectation.

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“I just… I truly, gracious my… in any event, seeing an announcement of me anyplace gives me chills,” she said. “Since that was essential for my vision board, you know? I would go to these spots and see these announcements and simply dream that one day that could be me. So the possibility that there’s a magazine that is fair and square of Sports Illustrated that is recognizing my life and what I do in this world with my life, needs me to be something or sees something within me, that is simply really incredible to me.”

The cover, broadly perceived as an achievement in trans portrayal, has presented to Bloom a ton of positive consideration as of now.

“Such countless individuals hit me up,” she told Pride Source. “Individuals from all various different backgrounds. A great deal of white men connected with me, and not fetishizing or sexualizing me yet recognizing the way that the world is changing and the choices that Sports Illustrated is making permit me to not just be a piece of Sports Illustrated yet to recount to my story through them. (It) was really fantastic for them. They recognize that the world necessities to change, and why has it taken such a long time?”

Blossom said she was additionally excited to hear from NBA legend Dwyane Wade.

“He is additionally from Chicago, [and he] connected with me and saluted me, sent me a few jugs of wine — whoop to D-Wade! He’s bringing up a youthful trans little girl, and it was simply genuinely amazing to realize that the world is truly changing at this time.”

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Leyna Bloom Speeds Up Instagram Sharing

Leyna Bloom managed to reach more than 524,000 followers on Instagram. The number of shares of Leyna Bloom, a model and actress, continues to increase day by day.

She started working with many world-famous brands and even managed to become a magazine cover girl.

Increasing her shares in recent times has helped increase the number of followers.

She is on Instagram with the username @leynabloom and has only one official account.

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