14-Year-Old TikTok User Nada Karlskov Abused By A Man

14-year-old TikTok user Nada Karlskov fell into the trap of the 14-year-old TikTok guy: – She wanted to see if we had the right body.

According to a lawyer for 60 abused girls, the defendant had used the same method for several years.

14-year-old Nada Karlskov had been texting a stranger online for a while when he asked her if she wanted to be a model.

14 year old tiktok user nada karlskov abused by a man 2 gmspors

Okay, model, it sounds too fat, she thought first.

But the tone quickly changed when they started writing together on Snapchat.

Nada Karlskov Was Fooled By A Man

It was here that he began to pressure Nada Karlskov to post candid photos to see if he had the body to model.

Nada Karlskov sent him a photo of her underwear on ‘LIVE at Night’ with a friend and then started blackmailing them both, says Nada Karlskov.

According to Nada Karlskov, the guy told the girls he was recording a video and that he would share the video if they didn’t post more photos or if they “wanted to be part of something.”

And according to the court, it wasn’t just Nada Karlskov and her friend who got in touch with the man who could be called Tiktok, the case was given a name ban. The TiktTok man’s name comes from a podcast series on Radio Loud where the man was accused of harassing women and teenage girls on social media. He says he is innocent on the show.

The man was convicted in court in Elsinore in May of raping a minor and other matters including humiliation, threats and unlawful coercion, of which Nada Karlskov was one of the victims.

Extrabladet writes that the TikTok man is still awaiting his final sentence as the court has requested a mental examination.

Lawyer Tobias Grotkjær Elmstrøm said 60 more girls had reported him to the police, and the man has been charged with ten more crimes so far.

14 year old tiktok user nada karlskov abused by a man 1 gmspors

He has to be careful out there because he’s not the only one

Tiktok man until now has been detained until July 13, 2021.

He has repeatedly denied the accusations. Most recently in connection with a documentary by Discovery TV channel entitled ‘F**k not with the Girls’

According to Tobias Grotkjær Elmstrøm, several of the girls had previously reported the man to the police in cases over a decade ago.

However, no lawsuit has been filed before, it comes from a lawyer because it is a “claim against the claim”, but this time he thinks that the case will be concluded in court.

  • On ‘Go’ LIVE tonight, suddenly 60 girls are standing together and many of them are giving the same explanation about what happened and then they are stronger.

Tobias Grotkjær Elmstrøm cannot say when the case involving 60 girls will appear in court.

Probably next year, but maybe next year. Meanwhile it makes a clear call:

All the young people of today are on social media and the most important thing to mention here is that you have to be careful there because it seems that she is not the only one.

Nada Karlskov’s Attitudes on Tiktok Have Changed


go dag igår🥰

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Nada Karlskov can see that some alarm bells should go off when she texts with her TikTok guy today.

He explains that he was very kind at the beginning where he writes about daily life in a chat forum.

But when she was suddenly caught in his net, she was embarrassed and thought it embarrassing to tell her mother.

But at the same time, his mother, Malene Karlskov, could sense that something was wrong.

“She is a social girl and is always happy, but suddenly a girl comes home who is not with her friends and locks herself in her room,” he says.

Malene Karlskov could sense that his daughter was angry and upset, but he squirmed when she tried to talk to him. Therefore, he could not understand what was wrong.

So she got a call from her friend’s mother about what her daughter was doing.

He says that girls appear in underwear for a guy, and I just think: “It’s a lie, it’s just a lie,” says Malene Karlskov.

First, Malene Karlskov got angry with his daughter when they talked a few times about how to behave on social media.

But when she got Nada Karlskov’s statement, she turned her anger on the TikTok guy.


##fyp ##makemefamous ##fypシ ##goviral

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Therefore, he is relieved to have been convicted in May this year for forcing himself to post intimate photos.

It’s great that she’s made a decision when she’s in a really difficult situation and has been around for so long, support Nada Karlskov and Malene Karlskov:

“It means a lot to me when you think about all the things we’ve been through and fought for,” she says.

TV 2 tried to get comment from the TikTok man’s lawyer but did not return.

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