10 Viral TikTok Songs 2022, Many Popular Old Hit Dances

Behind TikTok’s viral content, it turned out that special techniques and mixes were required using a combination of singing, narration, and shooting methods.

Besides the interesting content on offer, the selection of TikTok songs is one of the most important considerations when uploading videos to TikTok so they have the opportunity to enter the FYP or what is commonly known as For Your Page. There are no few songs from indie musicians to go viral to the top thanks to this single app.

So what viral TikTok songs are being listened to by many people right now? The list below is summarized from various sources.

How does TikTok choose which songs will go viral?

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It was one of the most downloaded applications of 2020, it is in the focus of the whole world and even politicians with the phenomena it creates … Finally, what is behind the success of TikTok, which brought a Grammy award-winning singer to the music market?

When Megan Thee Stallion took the stage to accept her Grammy award, she thanked God, her mother, and her rulers in tears. Yet Savage never mentioned anything else that made his song the # 1 hit: TikTok…

The social network, where people’s videos are synchronized with music, is a hit machine for the new generation. Megan Thee Stallion is also a TikTok user whose real name is Megan Jovon Ruth Pete, who presented her song to millions with her dance moves.

But Savage’s success didn’t come out of nowhere. The Grammy-winning rapper went through a process where TikTok management analyzed user data, advised Pete on how to introduce himself, and finally presented the best marketing campaign.

TikTok is a social media platform that progresses in a controlled manner rather than spontaneously. Company executives determine which videos will go viral, which clips will appear on personalized recommendations pages, and which trends will spread.

So what was it that made TikTok so popular?

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TikTok’s influence on American culture began with Musical.ly, a lip sync app founded by Alex Zhu. Zhu grew up in China and studied civil engineering at Zhejiang University. The software company went to San Francisco to work at SAP SE. While on a train ride while in Silicon Valley in 2014, Zhu was impressed by American teenagers listening to music and filming videos on their phones, and decided to combine the two in one app.

Zhu’s plan was to work with the music industry. Zhu, 36 at the time, obsessively watched user behavior, even setting up fake accounts to interact with elementary and middle school kids.

Chinese company ByteDance Ltd. acquired Musical.ly in 2017. A year later, ByteDance CEO Zhang Yiming added advanced artificial intelligence technology to the platform and a marketing budget of nearly billion dollars that will attract hundreds of millions.

TikTok soon tried to get creators, musicians, and advertisers to make money to increase downloads too. To inspire a sense of loyalty among creators, TikTok has appointed individual managers to assist thousands of stars in everything from technical support and university education.

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The TikTok phenomenon continues to be tracked

This rapid progress of TikTok, the fastest growing social media platform, continues to attract the attention of brands and influencers. As such, TikTok phenomena do not call money money.

Such that; We are talking about a platform that earns the most money, Michael Le with 20.4 million dollars and Charli D’Amelio with dollars.

As such, TikTok users are also making various efforts to gain followers quickly in order to become a phenomenon as soon as possible. While some TikTok users focus on areas such as performance and dance, some TikTok phenomena focus on areas such as drawing and teaching. Some users only shoot entertainment-oriented videos.

Of course, everyone is not in the focus of making money by advertising, and some users prefer to spend time just by having fun.

@sommerray♬ For Me – Chase B & OMB Bloodbath & KenTheMan

Mike Posner – Please Don’t Go

This song was originally officially released in 2010, but Mike Posner’s song Please Don’t Go went viral and exploded in 2022. The Please Don’t Go song went viral again because it was often played as a back-up sound in the videos of this song. application. One of the new trends on TikTok that shows someone wearing a scarf while driving, this song is in great demand.

Naughty Kids – La la la ft. Sam smith

Released in 2013, this song became popular again as it was widely used by users of this app. The words ‘La la la’ in the song mean someone who doesn’t want to listen to the conversations of others, so when you say La la la, they cover their ears and take them off, so the trend goes viral with many users.

Pamungkas – To the bone

This song is viral because it is widely used to express how deeply someone loves their boyfriend. He said “Pamungkas ..” with the video using his sentence and continued, “If you eat it, you may not get to your bones. But with you, I want to reach the bones.”

New Nazareth – Gone away

Once used as a slogan by TNI and Polri, this song actually went viral and was used by many TikTok users to present content that shows the figure they admire.

Konfuz – Patata

Also known as “Patata” or “Gratata”, the song was sung by a singer named Konfuz. Originally this song was originally using Russian, but because it’s nice to listen to music, this song quickly went viral on TikTok as a backsound while dancing, and the lyrics are “Ugly, everything is fine money, what’s important? Treasure and throne”.

10 viral tiktok songs 2021 many popular old hit dances 1 gmspors

Weekly – After School

This song was sung by a South Korean girl group. This song is viral thanks to its melody and beautiful rhythms to dance, so it’s no surprise that the “After School” dance is mostly done as video content on TikTok.

Aya Nakamura – Copines (Crucible)

Often voiced as “pot-pot”, the song is often used as a dance and is also used as a voice for Tiktok users’ content.

Ayu Ting Ting – Ting Ting

The famous Indonesian dangdut singers’ songs have also gone viral because it’s easy to memorize and it’s also fun to dance together while hanging out with friends for fun.

BTS – Life Goes On

Despite being released at the end of November 2020, this song is still a hit until 2022. Since this latest Korean song is viral, many people make the TikTok Challenge with the exciting jolts that this song accompanies.

Octavian Ft. Skepta – Papi Chulo

Using English and with an interesting arrangement, she managed to resonate a lot of people with these lyrics and dance moves. This song has also been remixed a lot with various arrangements.

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