1 million dollar sex offer to alice irving 1 gmspors

1 million dollar sex offer to Alice Irving

The beautiful model disclosed the immoral offer of the business person! OnlyFans star Alice Irving admitted that a billionaire businessperson offered her to videotape sex and sex for $1 million. Irving said that although the offer was a large number, she did not accept it because she thought it would end her career.

Speaking to the British Daily Star newspaper, Alice said that the person who made this offer was a world-renowned person, and that she would give herself 1 million dollars in exchange for reaching out and having sexual relations with her in front of the camera.

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Alice said that although she did not accept the offer, the businessman was persistent.

Alice said that since she came from zero, such a figure was too big for her, and although she wanted to accept the offer, she had to turn down the offer because of the fear that it would end her career.

On the other hand, Alice said that she was afraid that the video would leak to the internet, and that after rejecting the offer, she received a signal from the universe that she had made the right decision.

Alice also said that the 80-year-old father of a friend, who is also a real estate tycoon, told her that he would leave her an inheritance in return for sexual intercourse, but she did not accept this offer.

Alice Irving Instagram and Onlyfans posts draw attention

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Alice Irving, who started to attract the attention of her followers with her shares, reached more than 440 thousand followers on Instagram.

The only fan model on Instagram with the username @thealiceirving is often commented on by her fans with hot emojis for her half-naked posts.

She is one of the most attractive single fan models with her sharp features and big breasts. In addition, she continues to lead a luxurious life thanks to the thousands of dollars she has earned.

1 million dollar sex offer to alice irving 1 gmspors